is the key!

The endangered species conservation work needs the involvement of communities and the general public. Without their support and direct participation, the actions we take have little to no effect and, instead, are prone to fade.


The first step for popular involvement is the awareness of the need for protection of species and the benefits that these initiatives will bring to communities. It is the step where local leaders and partners are known and opportunities for cooperation are identified.


Once made aware, the communities are involved into related actions and initiatives and receive training courses. They become local volunteers and employees, collecting data, facilitating and encouraging residents to attend meetings and assisting in environmental education.


The next stage is to provide technical support to these communities, as they debate, develop and incorporate their own solutions for environmental problems.

Brigada da Natureza Project

The Brigada da Natureza Project completed 15 years of existence in 2016. It is intended for children and teenagers at risk of poverty and social exclusion in Iparana region. Its goal is to develop citizenship and awareness, as it works with the rescue of self-esteem and leadership through music, sports and the contact with the environment. The brigade members contribute in initial awareness-raising in the communities where Aquasis works. Two seniors members are now instructors of the new groups. In addition, many former “brigadistas” finished college education and were absorbed by the job market promptly because of their different education.


The redemption of confidence is a continuous work, recognizing the individual problems and differences while working affection and respect.


There is no competition inside the project. All the brigade members learn to work in cooperation with the others, improving the individual and group abilities of each one.

Environmental Education

The environmental themes in Aquasis are debated in a peculiar way.Our Environmental Education work is driven by a methodology based on sports, cooperative games and arts (visual, scenic, and tradicional music and dance).

our team

Marcilio Maia

Marcilio graduated in Business from UFC (2000). He is the Financial-Administrative Director of Aquasis and a member of the Executive Office of the institution.

Valfrancy Sales

Sales is majoring in Accountancy from FAMETRO. He has been part of the Administrative-Financial sector of Aquasis since 2010, being responsible for the operational area of the institution.

Luiz Freire

Luiz is the coordinator of the Environmental Education Team (NEA) and the Brigada da Natureza project. He is an experienced art educator, with knowledge ranging the activities of photography, drawing, graffiti, and expositions and with children in social risk.

Leticia Gonçalves

Letícia is majoring in Biology from UFC and was volunteer at the PMM in 2012. She is a former intern of the Centro de Reabilitación de Manatís de Puerto Rico (PR). She is one of the assistants of NEA, giving lectures to the groups that visit the CRMM.

Odara Amaral

Odara is an assistant of NEA and has volunteered in PMM since 2015. Her first contact with Aquasis was in 2011, when she participated in the Brigada da Natureza project, where her interest in marine mammals aroused.

Jefferson Mauricio

Jefferson met Aquasis in 2011, when he participated in the Brigada da Natureza project. He has been interested in music since an early age and is Monitor in the Brigada da Natureza project, where he gives percussion classes.